Tool shop & production

Tool shop & production

Tool shop OSMOS in Bytča.

Company OSMOS, s.r.o. is a limited company. It acquired the legal form in 6 October 2005

In 2006 we decided to extend the activity of our company and we set up a new technological centre in Bytča focused on production and modification of plastic injection molds.We cover the production area from the draft design to the implementation in production, including complex delivery. We also focus on precise CNC production prototype and serial production.

In tool shop we offer production of plastic injection molds, modification of forms, production of new spare parts, polishing of molds, microwelding of all conductive materials

OSMOS, s.r.o. has more than 60 injection molds that are maintained and serviced on regular basis to keep them in full operation for high volume production.

Our services

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Software solutions

For design and construction of the parts we use SolidWorks and SolidCAM solutions with the iMachining module for programming CNC machines.

Machine Equipment

We use the latest technologies available in the market. We constantly improve technological possibilities.

Quality Control

To check dimensions we use 3D measuring device Hexagon Metrology.

Ask for offer

Send us your inquiry on and we offer the best solution for you.


Contact person: Ing. Lukáš Korenko, Toolshop Manager tel. No.: 0918 938 276.

Manufacturing capacities

We offer free manufacturing capacities for smooth 5-axis milling, for 3-axis milling.


5-Axis CNC machining centre

Working area in axis X/Y/Z [mm]

800 / 1.020 / 1.020

Table diameter  Ø [mm]


Collision diameter Ø [mm]


Tool weight max. [kg]


Number of places in the cartridge



3-Axis CNC machining centre

Working area [mm]

610 / 430 / 570  

Size of the table [mm]

650 x 450

Max capacity [kg]

2 x 300


Flat grinding machine

Width of grinding [mm]


Max. shift [mm]


Speed of grinding wheel [min.1]



Radial drilling machine

x [mm]


x [mm]


x [min.1]



Band Saw

Speed of the saw blade [m/min] :

40 / 80 

Min cut diameter [mm] :


Length of the shortest rest [mm] :


Max material diameter [mm] :



3D Measuring device

Measuring range in axis X/Y/Z [mm]

500 / 500-700 / 500

Accuracy MPEE

1,9 + l/300 μm